The training of the fourth candidate in Internet journalism was held in Ćoralići near Cazin within the ongoing project

Picture 1. Training participant Dijana Hadžić during Internet journalism training with lecturer Hamdo Kentra

Dijana Hadžić, a candidat who completed primary school at the Center for Blind and Visually Impaired Children and Youth in Sarajevo and secondary art school in Bihać, was selected as the fourth participant in the training in Internet journalism, which is implemented within the project “The Internet as a tool for empowering people’s voices with disabilities” financed by the Internet Society Foundation.

The training was held from 17.09.2023. until 22.09.2023. in the family house in Ćoralići, near Cazin. On that occasion, Dijana was handed a laptop and accompanying equipment for training purposes and permanent use.

Dijana showed great interest and rapid progress during the training. Consequently, she is trained to independently record, edit and publish video content on her YouTube channel, which will give her the opportunity to share her skills with the audience. Dijana is ready for further development and training in the video production.

In the coming period, Dijana has the task of making and publishing a video content. We are eagerly awaiting the story that Dijana will tell us in order to raise awareness of the importance of information and communication technologies and the Internet in improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Additionally, we would like to thank JP Radio Television Una-Sana Canton (RTV USK) for recognizing the importance of this training and thereby contributing to raising awareness of ICT accessibility as a basic human right, by broadcasting the training of Dijana Hadžić during the prime time News Dnevnik RTV USK on 21. 09. 2023.

Picture 2. Handcrafts by Dijana Hadžić
Picture 2. Handcrafts by Dijana Hadžić
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