Training of the first candidate for independent work on a computer was held within the project: “Strengthening the Internet without restrictions for the blind persons”

Internet Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized the first part of the training for Ms. Klara Vujnić from Banja Luka, in the period from November 29th to December 3rd 2021.

Ms. Klara Vujnić is a completely blind person who was selected as the first candidate, out of the planned nine candidates from all over BiH, for training for independent work on the computer, within the project “Strengthening the Internet without restrictions for the blind”, funded by the Internet Society Beyond the Net Large Grants Programme.

Bearing in mind that information and communication technologies and Internet access can significantly improve the quality of life of blind and partially sighted people, we are pleased to be able to contribute through the project by organizing training tailored to each candidate individually. The special value of the training is that the training is led by a lecturer who is completely blind and thus, from his own experience, knows best how to adapt the training to the requirements of a blind person.

We are pleased that the lecturer Hamdo Kentra successfully held the first part of the training, with Ms. Klara Vujnić through the training process showed great interest and sufficient level of knowledge to be able to continue the planned training process that will be held online. As part of the project, Ms. Klara Vujnić was given a laptop as a gift for training and permanent use.

This is the beginning of working together with Ms. Klara towards the goal: “Internet is a public good and is intended for all people”.

The lecturer Hamdo Kentra conducts training for work on the computer for Ms. Klara Vujnić in the premises of her home in Banja Luka.
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