Introducing project results – podcast by David Matic

As the second candidate, David Matić from Stolac had training in the field of Internet journalism, which was carried out as part of the project “Internet as a tool for empowering the voices of people with disabilities” in the period from July 17 to July 21 in a family home in Stolac. On that occasion, David was handed a laptop as well as accompanying equipment for training purposes and permanent use.

This was followed by a part of the training that was held online, during which the lecturer was available to the candidate for questions and help with content creation.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge, David created a podcast dedicated to music, given that David loves music very much and has a desire to do music in the future.

We thank David and we are happy that he has acquired the necessary knowledge to create content to tell his story as he did through the podcast which can be viewed at the link:

The project “Internet as a tool for empowering the weak and silent voices of people with disabilities” is led by the Internet Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is financed by the Internet Society Foundation.

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