The training of the eleventh candidate was held in Livno within the current project

Toni Pavić, a blind young man from Livno, was selected as the eleventh participant of the training in Internet journalism, which is realized within the framework of the current project.

The training was held from 03.06.2024. until 07.06.2024. in Livno. On that occasion, Toni received a laptop and accompanying equipment for training purposes and permanent use.

Toni expressed his desire to learn how to record and edit video clips, to create YouTube channels and to publish video clips, because he is involved in music and often sings in various locations. He was also interested in screen recording for making video presentations.

Thanks to the training, Toni is trained to record, edit and publish video content on her YouTube channel. She is also trained to use other applications used by blind people on Windows OS.

In the coming period, Toni has the task of making a video contribution for the needs of the project and publishing it. Toni will have the opportunity to share her skills with the audience.

The project “Internet as a tool for empowering the weak and silent voices of people with disabilities” is led by the Internet Society Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is financed by the Internet Society Foundation.

Figure 1. Hamdo Kentra hands over the laptop to Toni Pavić
Figure 1. Hamdo Kentra hands over the laptop to Toni Pavić
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