The training of the second candidate was held in Stolac as part of the current project

Figure 1. Training participant David Matić uses a laptop during the training to acquire knowledge of Internet journalism.

David Matić from Stolac, a blind pupil who completed the third grade of gimnasium, was selected as the second attendee of the training in Internet journalism, which is implemented within the project “Internet as a tool for empowering the week and silent voices of people with disabilities” financed by the Internet Society Foundation.

The training was held from 17.07.2023. – 21.07.2023. in the premises of the candidate’s home in Stolac. On that occasion, David was handed a laptop and accompanying equipment for training purposes and permanent use.

So far, David has completed his schooling through inclusion, and David achieved excellent success thanks to the perseverance of his family. David acquired knowledge in computer science and working on a laptop exclusively through paid lessons with an instructor who worked with him remotely, with the costs of those trainings being borne by the family without any other support.

During the training, David was introduced to the basics of preparing audio content, information, interviews, music-speech forms, familiarization with platforms, etc. Since David is very interested in recording his own music, emphasis is placed on these features of the soundForge program.

A possible topic for making an audio story was also discussed: Personal affirmation of musical talent through YouTube and other platforms. Using David’s passion for music, the next assignment will consist of David’s story of how he discovered the Internet, his ability to find music he was interested in, and his ambition to make his own music career. That part of the training will be done through the online support of lecturer Željko Bajić, a blind journalist with long experience.

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