About us

Internet Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in 2020 by a group of Internet enthusiasts, with the aim of encouraging and promoting the development and use of the Internet to its full potential.
We operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the spirit of the community of the global Internet society whose goal is to ensure a free, globally connected, safe, and reliable Internet for every individual and society as an opportunity for progress.
To achieve this, we continuously work on various initiatives to contribute to the Internet being at the service of the common good. We are aware of how important it is for the Internet to be available to all groups of citizens, and we are actively engaged in various education, forums, and projects, which aim to achieve widespread use of the Internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve the quality of life.
Our members come from different professions, and we apply our knowledge and experience to develop technical solutions that will make people’s lives easier and better.
As an open society, we invite all interested parties who want to contribute to the stated goals to join us because together we can make a greater contribution to a better Internet for everyone.

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