Our mission

  • Promotion of the Internet for the benefit of all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina following the principles of the global Internet community through a local presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Cooperation with associations, organizations, institutions, and individuals with similar goals in the country and abroad, in order to exchange experiences and provide stronger support for activities for an open, globally connected, safe, accessible, and reliable Internet for all.
  • Defend the right of every person to have access to the Internet and prevent discrimination.
  • Highlight the positive aspects of the Internet and how to use the Internet for the benefit of all people and society.
  • Organize education with the aim of providing information and support to all Internet users in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Promote ethical values and human rights protection.
  • Making the internet a safe place and teaching people how to protect their rights.
  • Organize and participate in forums to promote the mission of the Internet Society.
  • Promote the development of open standards and reliable and safe Internet infrastructure.
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